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Speaker Cable

HiroSys SC440 speaker cable is designed for connection of signals from power amplifiers to loudspeakers. Large copper conductor area provide better power transfer and good dynamics. Special stranded wires can improve clarity and more natural music reproduc tion. Wide dynamic range is improved bass performance and extended frequency response. The super flexible jacket can be installed easily and bear resist abrasion.





  Inner Conductor :  Bare Copper Cross Section : 4.00mm2 (126 × ø0.20mm)
  Insulation :   PVC ø=4.00mm (Red/Black/White/Yellow)
  Core Arrangement : 4 Conductors Twisted in Concentric Layers
  Jacket : SUPER FLEX® PVC ø=13.30mm
  Colour : Black
  Approx. Weight :   320kg/km
  Electrical Characteristics  
  Conductor Resistance : <5Ω/km
  Service Temperature :  -40°C/+80°C
  Insulation Resistance :  >1MΩ/km
  Test Voltage :  4,000V
  Max. Operating Voltage :  300V