Single Channel Passive LINE Splitter

The PLS13 is a professional quality stand alone line splitter. The applications include live broadcasting and recording, press conferences and on-stage monitoring.

The input circuit of PLS13 is line-level and also be used an isolation transformer for long audio lines feeding. The transformer isolation in such situations minimizes inter-ferences from SCR lighting dimmers, radio transmitters and AC power wiring. The transformer-isolated feeds retain the advantage of common-mode noise rejection inherent in the use of balanced lines.

The splitter has three outputs - one is direct and two are transformer coupled. Two-way Ground Lift switches are fitted to help combat ground loop. Left side is capacitor linked to ground while right side offers full grounding chassis connection.

The PLS13 professional quality line-level splitter is designed for use in applications where exceptional audio performance is required.



  • Broadcast quality.
  • Compact design.
  • Three-way split.
  • Transformer isolated outputs.
  • Ground difference options.
  • Use of highest quality components.
  • Use of military grade toggle switch.



  Frequency Response 0dB/-0.2dB 20Hz~20kHz
  Maximum Input Level +18dBu, (1% 50Hz)
    +24dBu, (0.1% 1kHz)
  Distortion 0.002% (0dBu, 1kHz)
  Insertion Loss -2.5dB into 600Ω Load
    <0.1dB into 50kΩ Load
  Shorted Input Loss A or B -1.5dB
  Connections XLR Female Input,
    XLR Male Direct Output,
    XLR Male Isolated Output × 2,
    Ground Lift Switch × 2
  Dimensions W41 × H85 × D108 (mm)
  Nett Weight 0.45kg