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HD Coaxial Cable

HiroSys HD3G -SDI Coaxial Cable is designed to be applied video signal transmission and serial data up to 3.0Gb/s. Exceeding the requirements specified in SMPTE 424M that is perfect for 3G-SDI and HD-SDI video systems. The cable can provide long-distance transmission of 1080p HD signal. The bare wire core with high purity copper, and copper spiral network as shielding for installations with interferences due to the high depth of penetration. Outer sheath with red, blue and green color of PVC plastics manufacturing with anti-corrosion properties. It can be used for fixed wiring in harsh environments.





  Inner Conductor :  Bare Copper Wire ø=1.20mm
  Insulation :   Foam PE ø=5.20mm
  Inside Shield :   Copper/Polyester
  Outside Shield :   Copper Braid. Coverage>77%
  Jacket :   PVC Outer Sheath ø=7.1mm
  Approx. Weight :   57kg/km
  Electrical Characteristics  
  Characteristic Impedance : 75Ω
  Capacitance : 51pF/m
  Velocity Ratio :   85%
  Inner DC Resistance :  16Ω/Km
  Outer DC Resistance :  :   11.5Ω/Km