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Double Shielded OFC Audio Cable

HiroSys ABAS222 double shielded audio cable has been designed for outdoor applic ation, featuring high f lexibilit y and high temperature resis tance, with even more protec tion against noise. Consist of two insulated twisted conductors and drain wires, double shielded by aluminum foil and bare copper braid for higher ef ficient shielding from hum, noise, radio interference and electromagnetic fields.





  Inner Conductor :  Bare Copper Cross Section : 0.22mm2 (IEC 228 Class 6)
  Insulation :   Foam PE ø=1.40mm (White/Red)
  Core Arrangement : 2 Conductors Twisted with Polypropylen
  Shield :   Foil + Bare Copper Braid Coverage>90%
  Jacket :   SUPER FLEX® PVC ø=6.0mm
  Colour : Black
  Approx. Weight :   47kg/km 
  Electrical Characteristics  
  Conductor Resistance : <86Ω/km
  Capacitance Cond./Cond. : 48pF/m
  Capacitance Cond./Shield : 75pF/m
  Insulation Resistance :  >40,000MΩ/km
  Service Temperature :  -20°C/+70°C