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Digital Audio Multi-pair Cables

HiroSys 16 channel multi-pair cables are engineered for the multiple connection of Audio digital equipment. Featuring 110 Ω nominal impedance and extremely low capacitance (within AES/EBU standard) are suitable to carry high quality multiple digital audio signal in both fixed and outdoors applications. The high velocity of propagation shor tens signal delay, providing error-free transmissions over ex tended-distance. The material used guarantee the high f lexibility and long f lex required for professional audio applications.

The pairs are twisted and bolded together by a holding tape; pairs are individually numbered for easy indentification.



  Inner Conductor :  Stranded Tinned Copper 28 × 0.10mm
  Cross Section : 0.22mm2
  Insulation : Foam PE White and Blue ø1.20mm
  Pair Stranding : 2 Conductors Twisted in Pairs
  Drain Wire : Tinned Copper 7 × 0.18mm Each Pair
  Pair Shield : Aluminium Foil Coverage 100%
  Pair Jacket : Flexible PVC Grey with Numbers ø3.00mm
  Cable Stranding :   16 Pairs Twisted in Layers
  Tape : Cotton
  Jacket : Super Flexible PVC Matt Black
  Working Temperature : -30°C/+70°C
  Min. Bending Radius: 12 × Overall Diameter
  Approx. Overall Diameter : ø17.60mm
  Approx. Weight : 345kg/km
  Electrical Characteristics  
  Conductor Resistance : <86Ω/km
  Capacitance Cond./Cond. : 37pF/m
  Capacitance Cond./Shield : 57pF/m
  Inductance : 0.37mH/km
  Characteristic Impedance : 110Ω
  Attenuation : 1 MHz~2.3dB/100m,
    3 MHz~4dB/100m,
  Crosstalk Attenuation : >100dB (15KHz), >50dB (10MHz)
  Insulation Resistance : >10GΩ × km
  Vel. of Propagation : 80%
  Service Temperature : -20°C/+70°C