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Digital Audio Cable

HiroSys DBS234 digital cable is engineered for the connection of Audio digital equipment. Featuring 110Ω nominal impedance and extremely low capacitance (within the standards set by AES/EBU) are suitable to carry high quality multiple digital audio signal. The high velocity of propagation shortens signal delay, providing error-f ree transmissions over ex tended- distance. The material used guarantee the high f lexibility and long f lex required for professional audio applications.





  Inner Conductor :  Bare Copper Cross Section : 0.34mm2
  Insulation :   PE ø=1.40mm (Red/Natural)
  Core Arrangement : 2 Conductors Twistedin in Concentric Layers with Filler
  Tape : Cotton Tape
  Shield : Tinned Copper Braid + Drain Wire
  Jacket : SUPER FLEX® PVC ø=6.50mm
  Colour : Black
  Approx. Weight :   62kg/km 
  Electrical Characteristics  
  Conductor Resistance : <56Ω/km
  Capacitance Cond./Cond. : 44pF/m
  Capacitance Cond./Shield : 69pF/m
  Impedance : 110Ω
  Insulation Resistance :  >10,000MΩ/km
  Service Temperature :  -20°C/+70°C